Join the AI Protest on Mar 21st outside the Hungarian Ministry of Interior

On 21 March Amnesty International ( will hold a peaceful demonstration to show support to all communities that suffer from racist violence worldwide.

We also want to show our solidarity, through a silent candle-lighting, with the Hungarian Roma community that has been threatened not only by widespread social discrimination, but also by the increasing number of life-endangering, racist threats of violence.

Join us and light a candle. In case You want to participate as staff at the event, contact us at:

Write a personal letter!

You can find updates on our work at:

Our report on violent attacks against Roma in Hungary:

We believe it is unacceptable that hate speech is tolerated in the Hungarian political and public discourse, and that the number of violent attacks against Roma is increasing.

We have been urging political decision makers several times to step up against hate speech at the highest level, and to use all available tools to promptly and effectively stop and condemn racist rhetoric. This has not happened so far.

We will be demonstrating peacefully outside the Hungarian Ministry of Interior to raise awareness of its responsibilities: to ensure the personal security of all citizens without distinction of any kind and to maintain the rule of law in practice, through the adequate and effective control of police forces, in order to prevent any situation such as the recent incidents in Gyöngyöspata.

These responsibilities, that are meant to guarantee our inalienable human rights, emerge from both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of the Republic of Hungary.

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