Sunday Solidarity Picnic in Gyöngyöspata

[UPDATE: If the weather turns out to be non-picnic-conducive, we will cancel the picnic. But please BRING FOOD TO BLAHA anyway, and we will take it to Gyöngyöspata.]

A Solidarity Picnic with the local Roma community.

In addition to ingredients for the goulash, please bring basic food items like potatoes, flour, canned food, pasta, etc. — the 115 Roma families really need FOOD right now! Many spent their money on leaving town while the Gárda was there, and others hosted groups of people who went to their community to show solidarity.

So please support this picnic:
1. Come with us to Gyöngyöspata – bring as much as you can of the items listed above.
2. Bring food to the meeting point – we’ll take it if you cant come.

WHEN? Sunday, 20 March, NOON.
WHERE? Blaha Lujza Ter parking lot, next to the bus 7 stop.
HOW? By car. Bring yours if you have one.

We’ll be returning to Budapest in the evening.

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