After all, the marchers in Gyöngyöspata were not vigilantes

Translated article from Magyar Nemzet (HUN)

The marchers in Gyöngyöspata, who called themselves representatives of the association of vigilantes are not members of the National Vigilante Association (OPSZ – Országos Polgárőr Szövetség) – said András Túrós, the head of the association, on Wednesday in Gyöngyöspata.

The law about vigilantes says vigilante associations organized in each settlement have to do their job in cooperation with the municipality and the police – informed the head of the OPSZ, when he  met with the settlement’s official vigilantes. The background of the meeting is that since the beginning of March members of the Civil Guard Association for a Better Future (Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület) are marching in the village, in Heves county, because of, as they say,  increasing crime.

As the local leader of Jobbik, Oszkár Juhász, said earlier to the MTI, they are marching because they have received many complaints about crime against property, truculence and harassment, and they suspect that the local Roma are behind the crimes. András Túrós announced that he was not informed about any “self-appointed” action by certain organizations of vigilantes in other parts of the country. It can only happen in state of catastrophe, and just by request of OPSZ – said the leader to the MTI.

The number should be doubled

On the forum András Túrós informed that the vigilantes should be twice as many in Gyöngyöspata for the sake of better local public safety. He feels it is necessary to make an action and training plan for the growth of numbers. As Mihály Tóth, the leader of the local association of vigilantes, said on the forum, there is no civil war situation on the settlement, “this situation was provoked by 8 to 13 year-old kids’ quirks”. Most of the complaints are from habitants of the road towards the “Gypsy row”. Usually old ladies complain about being molested by children – Mihály Tóth described the situation.

They even have night vision goggles

He also mentioned that all conditions necessary for successful work have been given to the 15-member vigilante association in Gyöngyöspata. They have two motor vehicles and even night vision goggles. They worked 145 hours in February and 187 hours in March thus far. Miklós Kovács, head of law enforcement in Heves County Police Department, reported that statistics of local criminal incidents per capita do not differ from those of the  region’s other settlements; so the crime rate is not higher than it is elsewhere.

In the village of 2800 inhabitants, 65 crimes were recorded in the last year and 97 misdemeanor complaints were made. The police, whose exclusive partner is OPSZ, took action in all the cases.

Sándor Danyi, head of Heves County Minority Government, asked the village leaders on the forum to send away from Gyöngyöspata the Jobbik guards who keep frightening the local Roma. He thinks that the solution should not be the work of the vigilantes, but the work of the state and the government. Jobbik held a demonstration on the 6th of March in the village, with around one thousand participants. Gábor Vona, leader of the party, said that it was a “pro-hungarian” demonstration.


translated by Zsófia Pilhál

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