Gyöngyöspata again – Human rights report is full of lies (Barikad)

This article was translated from the original in Hungarian, found at — which is a far-right online media outlet.

The Minority Rights Group (MRG) has expressed its concern about the intimidation and racist threats targeting Roma residents of Gyöngyöspata, by the Szebb Jövőért Polgárőr Egyesület (Civil Guard Association for a Better Future) and the Betyársereg (Vigilante Group) recently.

So typically, yet another well-known international organization takes on the protection of the poor, oppressed Roma after the total failure of communication in the left wing.

Their report below is certainly the result of a truly objective and thorough inquiry.

According to the information of MRG the Szebb Jövőért were patrolling Gyöngyöspata by deploying its members in the village for more than two weeks. The members – wearing uniforms – were standing outside shops, telling Roma residents to stay inside their gardens, using offensive words, they were going inside the school as well as doctor’s waiting room, where  Roma kids and patients were verbally harassed. Apart from the associates of Szebb Jövőért there were the Betyársereg also helping with intimidation, showing up with dogs, carrying axes and whips. (I wonder what sources are cited in the report and why there are no pictures of the alleged cases provided? – the editor)

The government has to fulfill its obligations under international human rights law and has to protect its Roma citizens from the ever increasing racially motivated hostility. Authorities have to launch criminal procedures and bring those to court who were involved in the intimidation.

„The government, which has a crucial role in the adoption of the European Roma Strategy on European Union level  has to strongly and publicly reject the harassment of the Roma minority in Gyöngyöspata” said Neil Clarke, Head of Europe and Central Asia Programmes, Minority Rights Group. Furthermore, the government has to put an end to the spread of self-appointed security groups.

The Szebb Jövőért arrived to Gyöngyöspata on 1 March to ensure public order. Five days later Jobbik, which has links with Civil Guard Association and the banned Magyar Gárda (Hungarian Guard) held a protest that added to the tension against the 4-500 Roma living there. Based on the accounts, on the same evening more than 1000 members marched through the segregated Roma neighborhood of the village carrying torches and flags.

During the march the local representative of Jobbik Party made the intimidated Roma representatives sign the Rules of Living Together, which is a code of behavior regulating the Roma’s acts in schools, shops and on the streets. Many Roma residents said they have to live in constant fear caused by the harassment so they rather stay in their homes, because they are scared to go outside on the street. Parents do not let children go to school alone and as the result of intimidation and harassment many of the kids are traumatized. On 11 March in a public letter the Head of the Local Minority Government urged the Hungarian government to intervene. It is particularly outrageous that police has ignored the reports that came from the Roma residents and that policemen do not provide appropriate protection despite the constant threats. Based on the accounts the police did not patrol the Roma neighborhood, when the Roma residents were being subjected to harassment.

Publisher: Minority Rights Group Europe Non-Profit Ltd.

It is strange that the advocacy organization never notices the attacks and mass insults carried out by the Roma targeting the majority. As usual, this article is full of distortions and lies. The question arises whether any members of MRG have actually visited Gyöngyöspata and when will the enthusiastic liberal rights defenders finally ask the opinion of the honest locals living there? As far as we concerned, it is especially outrageous that it did not bother this frightened-for-a-living bunch, when the son of the local Jobbik leader was severely abused by Roma kids in the school.

Cs. G –

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